The Exam


  • The total test raw score is converted to a scaled score using a conversion chart – that is specific to each exam.
  • The June 2013 conversion chart is shown below, scoring 50/85 (59%) scales to a 65%, while 75/85 (88%) scales to a 85%. The math is correct – you need to score 88% to achieve an 85% in the New York State Chemistry Regents Exam!

conversion chart 6.2013

  • The exam is divided into 4 sections – total of 85 points (raw score)
  • In the future, a part D similar to the living environment Part D will be added, which will focus on laboratory skills (6.18.2014)
  1. Section A – multiple choice – 30 points (raw score)
  2. Section B-1 – multiple choice – 20 points (raw score)
  3. Section B-2 – constructed response – 15 points (raw score)
  4. Section C – constructed response and/or extended constructed response questions – 20 points (raw score)
  • Questions in the exam are content and skills based and may require students to graph data, complete a data table, label or draw diagrams, design experiments, make calculations, or write a short or extended responses. In addition, questions may require students to hypothesize, interpret, analyze, evaluate data, or apply their scientific knowledge and skills to real-world situations. Some of the questions will require the 2011 edition of the Reference Tables for Physical Setting/Chemistry (6.18.2014).



Laboratory Requirements:

Critical understanding science concepts is the use of scientific inquiry to develop explanations of natural phenomena. Therefore as a prerequisite for admission to the written portion of the exam (and the performance test – Part D when added) of the Regents examination in Physical Setting/Chemistry, students must have successfully completed a minimum of 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory experience with satisfactory reports on file.